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The Right Appliances For Your Modern Kitchen

Keeping up with all of the modern trends and fads can be exhausting, especially when it comes to technology. Not only do the trends seem to change by the second, but they become more elaborate with each new iteration. Appliances, such as your oven or dishwasher, are no different, as new models can do more than any previous appliance in history. If you’re looking to bring that retro kitchen into the 21st century, then do we have the perfect blog for you. In this article, Enchanted Kitchens will go over a few appliances you can introduce into your kitchen to not only help it look more modern, but help its overall functionality. Keep reading to find the right appliances you need to make your kitchen more modern.

High-Tech Islands

A kitchen island can be an amazing commodity in your home. Not only does it add to the aesthetics, but it can also help with functionality and storage. For instance, not only can your kitchen island house your modern sink and store your cookware, but modern kitchen islands can also transform as you need them to. Some modern islands have moveable parts that will reveal hidden sinks or cooktops when you need to use them, and that disappear back into the island when you’re done. This helps make your custom kitchen island look like a piece of art that was placed right in the middle of your kitchen. There are even options to ad a retractable ventilation hood that will come and go with the touch of a button.

High Tech Kitchen Appliances

Cutting-Edge Ovens

Smart devices are becoming a integrated in just about every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From smartphones to smart cars, it’s about time your kitchen got a little smarter as well. Some modern ovens have followed suit with the smart trend and are now even more useful than before. Simply enter the recipe you’re trying to make into your smart oven, along with a few other points of data, and it will be able to start and stop cooking on its own. It will also be able to reduce or increase heat, switch to broiling, and let you know when your food is ready. If you’re trying to bring your kitchen into modern times, then a smart oven is perfect for your household.

Ingenious Cooktops

For those who prefer a uniform look throughout their entire kitchen, modern cooktops are giving you everything you’ve ever wanted. Not only do certain models adjust to the size of the pot or pan you’re using, but they can also automatically lower the heat to prevent food and liquids from boiling over and ruining your stovetops. Then, when you’re done, they can disappear into your countertop, giving your kitchen that ultra-modern look and feel. These custom cooktops go great with any style kitchen and are designed uniquely for your home’s space.

CTA Kitchen Remodel

If you’re looking to make your kitchen more modern, then Enchanted Kitchens in Englewood is ready to help you. We’ve been helping Coloradans create the kitchen of their dreams for years. Learn more about Enchanted Kitchens, view our kitchen gallery to check out our previous work, or contact us at our Englewood location to get a free quote for your kitchen renovation.

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