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Peering Into the 2024 Kitchen Trends Crystal

Time passes.  Design trends come and go. We can remember bright orange-fluorescent laminate countertops. They are no longer on trend.  Like other styles of desire, new forms, functions, and materials allow for progress to be made and for tastes to evolve.  Kitchen design trends change incrementally; however.  When changes occur, they can be impactful.  What does 2024 hold for homeowners in Denver, looking to create the kitchen of their dreams? Imagine warmth, comfort, ease of use, functionality and flexibility. 

Earth tones continue to trend upward not only in kitchen design but also in interior design.  The 1st Dibbs 2024 Designer Trends Survey found that the largest percentage of the design community named light green/sage as their favorite color for 2024. Earthy color palettes that create a cozy inviting atmosphere also are trending in kitchen design for homeowners in Denver.  Sage green, light browns, tans, and other earth tones enable homeowners in Denver to bring the outside indoors. 


Beverage centers are another up and coming trend for homeowners in Denver.  More than 50% of those responding to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 trends report are looking for smarter beverage storage solutions.  We are recommending different beverage center options for homeowners in Denver that include under-counter refrigerators or refrigerated drawers, integrated espresso and coffee makers, ice makers, and wine storage fridges.  We often suggest placing a beverage center away from the area primarily used for meal preparation. Instead, many homeowners in Denver welcome a beverage center closer to a seating area or in-kitchen dining table. 


Our showroom designers continue to advise homeowners in Denver how they can create a dream kitchen that not only looks out of this world and functions impeccably, but also serves as a center for healthy living.  This can be accomplished by leveraging smart appliances that inventory the contents of refrigerators, offer menu suggestions based on contents, and prioritize ingredients that are about to spoil to design features such as refrigerated columns and drawers that provide more flexibility.  Steam ovens and air fryers also can contribute to healthier lifestyles.   


The primary function of a kitchen never changes.  Improving the kitchen’s functionality is a compelling reason to rely on a professional designer.  Homeowners in Denver can obtain the functionality they expect and deserve in a new dream kitchen by paying particular attention to storage and organizational amenities that keep counters clean and provide a place for everything.  The number one regret of homeowners in Denver after they have completed a kitchen renovation is not investing enough in kitchen storage and organization solutions. 


Lighting also plays a key role in enhancing kitchen functionality.  In-drawer, under-cabinet, behind cabinet lighting solutions combined with strategically placed task, accent and ambient lighting enhance the look, feel and functionality of a kitchen. 

We are also seeing homeowners in Denver gravitating away from a predominately white pallet in favor of wood tones that add warmth and texture.  The NKBA survey found that wood is the second most popular color among kitchen designers nationwide.   


How can you leverage the latest trends to create the kitchen of your dreams?  Give us a call at 720-673-3989 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 3535 S. Platte River Drive, Suite G, Englewood, CO and let us guide you through the almost endless number of options to design a kitchen that will be the envy of the neighborhood for many years to come. 

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