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Design, Kitchen Remodel, And Building Oh My!

Design can refer to many areas and likely raises one of two emotions - fear or excitement. Or both! You may be the person whose head spins with themes, color schemes, and ideas when you hear design, or you may be the one closing your eyes, putting your hand to your head as you think of the headache of choices the word design inflicts. Or perhaps you like the idea of designing your own kitchen, bath, or room but wish to have guidance since this isn’t your day-job.

Modern Marble White Kitchen

Here at Enchanted Kitchens we like to help you lay out your design path, offering whatever degree of assistance in guiding your custom design as you’d like. Today we have three options to check out below, designed to fit whichever personality you most closely relate to - the “hands-on” designer, the “casual” designer, or the “stand-by” designer.

For the “Hands-On” Designer:

The best way to sort those ideas in your head is to come down and pay a visit to our Experience Center. Our state-of-the-art center goes beyond your standard showroom. This is an interactive experience. You can touch, see, feel, and visualize your color schemes, cabinet options, trim patterns, and more. Any type of room you are looking to design you can find at Enchanted Kitchens. There is even an outdoor grill section!

For the “Casual” Designer:

Looking for more advice and/or guidance? Or not sure of the steps to be taking to get your project underway? Talk to one of our professionals at Enchanted Kitchens. They would be happy to talk to you on the phone or meet you in person, but either way they will answer any questions or worries you have about the process of kitchen or bath remodeling, or building a new room.

For the “Stand-By” Designer:

Our team of professionals will gladly assist your remodel or building project so that you have the least amount of work to do as possible. Your job is to think of the purpose for your space, as you are the one who best knows what your life looks like. Would your kitchen need to be large and have surfaces that are no-show and easily cleaned because you have several little ones running around trying to help you cook? Or would your kitchen be for just two of you, and you want to have that espresso-maker installed to make it easy to create your morning coffee beverage without a barista? Or do you love to entertain, and require a generous island for the dishes you wow your guests with?

Whatever your purpose is, our design professionals will match your design to your function. This is one of the best ways to avoid buyer’s remorse. If you know the intent of your project, you will know how and why you will use your new room, and regret can’t be wrapped up in something designed specifically for your purposes. 

Enchanted Kitchens Colorado Showroom

Come by in person to explore samples in our Experience Center (pictured above).

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