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Form and Function. A Place For Everything In Your Kitchen

One secret to consider throughout your kitchen remodel is how to store your supplies and how to move around in your kitchen. Considering your storage needs, desires, and wants plays into how your kitchen will function, but it is just the surface. Consider also how you will move about your kitchen and how you will cook, entertain, or hold family gatherings.



Step one is to take inventory of your kitchen. Pull out all your drawers and don’t forget to look in the high cupboards and scrape to the very back corner where you know you store that oversized turkey roasting pan for one-day-a-year use on Thanksgiving. Knowing what you have will help design your kitchen. How much large appliance equipment do you have that will only require annual use but otherwise require high cabinets for storage? How many appliances do you plan to leave on the counter for daily use? This is the time to even pull out a preliminary measuring tape and get an idea of your current countertop availability in order to figure out how and why you will change the space you have. Those Keurigs, espresso machines, basil planters, spice racks, wine bottles, garlic holder, and fruit bowl take up more than you think.

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By identifying your current storage needs, you can also learn how to be creative with your storage spaces. Often space can be maximized by creating drawers within deep drawers, implanting pull-out drawers and shelves, or simply storing your kitchen utensils in a vertical versus horizontal position. Drawers can even be individually spaced to hold your cutlery without having to keep the old, dirty plastic storage bin that currently holds them.

Trays, drawers, and cabinets can be custom designed to fit unique purposes. It is certainly different than your traditional kitchen, but only you can tell when you open the drawer and functionality significantly improves. Don’t be afraid to tap into these new and creative designs.

Storage needs and methods might appear a mundane topic on the surface, but on the contrary, addressing storage and organizational tools play an integral role in making your kitchen as functional and efficient as possible. Do not leave them as an after thought.


To find out how you can better organize your kitchen, give us a call at 720-376-7588. Enjoy your family dinners and meals with friends. The best memories are created in the kitchen. Stop by our Experience Center to learn more.

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For further ideas online, check out Pinterest and search terms like "kitchen remodel", "kitchen hacks", "kitchen cabinets", and "kitchen island ideas".

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