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Kitchen Budget


Plan, plan, plan when it comes to budgeting. However, also PLAN for the unexpected. It is always encouraged to have a contingency added to your budget in order to plan for the unexpected. The best that can happen is you don’t utilize it or you upgrade a few items to increase quality, value, and return on investment.

White modern kitchen


Don’t you wish you had X-ray vision? And not just because it would mean you would have a superpower, but it can be impossible to know what is lurking behind your walls and how your home was built. Especially if you have an older home, it is imperative to recognize that you may need to do a little digging before you realize what you are working with. If your home is 20-50 years old it may not have the infrastructure of the current day, including electrical, mechanical, or plumbing.

This is why it can be so important to partner with a designer and professional in order to obtain proper licenses, insurance, and references to tackle the unexpected and maintain the quality you are looking for.


Cabinetry and appliances. This is where the greatest value of your kitchen lies. It is both the greatest functionality and financial value, and you will utilize these aspects of your kitchen the most. It can be ok to splurge on quality items that you use daily, but be careful when you get into the pickings and choosing of the details of your kitchen or bath remodel. Ask yourself if you really need the $88 knob on your cabinets when a nice, less expensive version of $4 will suffice.

Make your splurges true to you. Figure out what you utilize the most, what you love to do. If you absolutely love cooking, you may splurge on a professional range made for the home. If you cook but not often and have a small family to take care of, your priorities may look a little different and you may choose to splurge for the surfaces that least show your child’s curious fingertips.

The kitchen sink and dishwasher are the most-used appliances in the kitchen. Ask if yourself if you would be willing to splurge on these items, and if so, what other aspect of your budget might change because of this splurge? Cabinets fall into the same category - ask yourself if you really want to cut corners here, because you will want to be sure you have something sturdy and quality to withstand everyday use, especially if used by little kids. 

Beautiful wood and marble kitchen


Just because you splurge here and save there doesn’t mean you can’t have the look you want without breaking your budget. It simply requires strategy, firm decision-making, and knowledge of yourself and how you and/or your family is utilizing your space. You can do cost-valuing on items including window shades, tile, backsplashes, and decorative items.

The best way to ensure return on investment as well as a method for sticking to your budget is to involve a professional designer.

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