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The Hottest Trends in Kitchen and Bath

The Kitchen & Bath Industry (KBIS) serves as a primary venue for kitchen and bath manufacturers to introduce new products, showcase innovative technologies and highlight trends that they expect to dominate the future of kitchens, baths, and home design. KBIS 2023, held January 31-February 2 in Las Vegas did not disappoint.

KBIS confirmed that wellness is not a fad or fleeting infatuation. Wellness will continue to grow in popularity among homeowners in Colorado who want and expect their homes to perform more effectively and efficiently. KBIS exhibitors showcased the latest products and technologies that enable homeowners to create in-home refuges and spa-quality experiences in their primary baths. Featured were therapeutic showers offering steam, color, aroma and sound therapies that provide a refuge for homeowners in greater Denver to spend a few minutes a day, all to themselves, devoid of text, tweets and even little feet to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of the day.

Workstation sinks were another trending feature at KBIS. BOCCHI’s Baveno Hide-Away Sink System won Best in Show at KBIS 2023. This workstation allows homeowners in metro Denver to easily convert the sink into continuous counter space that completely hides the faucet, maximizing workspace. Sink covers, multiple faucet options, cutting boards, colanders and roller mats create a true workstation sink experience.

Soft curves to countertops, faucets, soaking tubs and sinks were prevalent throughout the KBIS show floor, affording a new modern style that is calming and relaxing, evoking the desire for a less tenuous and stressful post pandemic time. Industrial chic was another KBIS trend. Faucets featuring springs, dual white and polished nickel finishes and rounded square levers were reminiscent of the motifs closely associated with the industrial revolution.

Fluted surfaces were another ever-present feature at KBIS. All of the major quartz manufacturers featured pleated slabs as did most of the porcelain tile manufacturers. The same manufacturers also introduced an expanded inventory of products that can be used indoors as well as outdoors to provide more options for homeowners want to expand their living space outdoors without compromising style, quality or functionality.

Two other trends at KBIS were smarter toilets and products made specifically to improve laundry room look and experiences. We saw great looking sinks and fixtures that take laundry rooms to the next level. Similarly, toilets appear to have become much more intelligent, many of which featured bidet functions, seats that automatically open and close, night lights, self-cleaning capabilities and blue-tooth functionality.

To determine how you can capitalize on the hottest trends in kitchen and bath, give us a call at 303-376-7588 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 3535 S. Platte River Drive, Unit G, Englewood, CO 80010 and let us show you how to convert dreams into dream spaces.

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