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White In The Kitchen

You can flip through a thousand color samples when remodeling your kitchen. You have to pick colors for your cabinets, for your flooring, for the faces of your appliances, and for your backsplash. Yet one of the most common hues found in new kitchens isn’t even a color. It’s a shade.

White Kitchen Design

WHITE is THE look, but for several different reasons.

White kitchens offer a crisp, clean feel that is also easy to embellish with bold, fun colors (even neon green or bright blue). It pairs with any color. Shadows and highlights are easy to generate with a white background. White kitchens offer the ultimate fun in the accessorizing process.

White Open Space Kitchen

Furthermore, light colors tend to open a space up. White feels light and airy, but you can insert easy options to flare the open-style feeling. A glass-front cabinet offers a great way to introduce color differentiation without changing all your cabinets. You can even decorate the inside of the cabinet with your favorite wallpaper, which you can always change out when you want a fresh look.

Modern White Kitchen

Finally, white has come in vogue due to its ability to stand the test of time. Fads and fashions trend up and down, but the white kitchen never fails to remain classic. White is clean and easy. It is associated with sanitation and health. It is marketable, outselling all other colors in the appliance department. And it is universal.

Remodeling to a white kitchen offer endless possibilities, but these options can be overwhelming to pull together. Come in to Enchanted Kitchen’s Experience Center for a free consultation and one of our designers would be happy to walk you through options and narrow down the process for you.

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